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w6100 evb code

Can’t get example code to function. According my logic analyzer, SPI seems to not be working properly. Getting all zeroes when running register dump and getnetinfo. I’m running Keil V5. Tried the stmcube example with no joy as well. I’ve included my project code.

edtpcecDay3Codefred.zip (18.0 KB)

Hi, edtp.

I think you set just one byte read and write functions like this. “reg_wizchip_spi_cbfunc(spi_rb, spi_wb,0,0);
wiznet spi interface supports burst read and write.
In the getnetinfo function, many functions use burst read/write like WIZCHIP_READ_BUF/ WIZCHIP_WRITE_BUF.
You must set this function, too.


Hello edtp,

Please refer to this attached zip file (W6100 Loopback Keil Project).

And you can find the W6100 EVB example on this repository: https://github.com/WIZnet-ioLibrary.

20191010_W6100EVB_loopback_Hal.zip (2.8 MB)

Hi, dkay
Switched on DMA and now I have SPI response.
Thank you.

However, the WIZnet team really needs to post a DHCP example for Keil and STMCube.

Thanks, taylor.
You post was helpful.
As I posted to dkay, the wiznet team should post an STMcube DHCP example.
I’m finding the learning curve on the 6100 library is quite steep even with prior 5500 experience.

I am pleased with the team’s choice of microcontroller for the 6100 evb.

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