W6100 S2E Example

Hello. Interested to review the W6100 component over SPI for our pending S2E designs. Would you offer a project (with source code) to allow us to get started asap? Ideally a solution we can apply to the W6100-EVB.

Also, at this time, do not see much visibility of the W6100 components and related PCBs in distribution (ie. Mouser, etc.) For now, purchase directly from your USA online store?

The following W6100 based module is linked to the (older & incorrect) datasheet:


linked to:
WIZ810Sio User Manual

Many thanks in advance.


You can buy a WIZ610io at US e-sale. link is here (https://eshop.wiznet.io/shop/module/network-module/wiz610io/)
And you can refer some document at here(https://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php/products:w6100:start)

And, WIZnet don’t have a plan W6100S2E yet, so there is no source code.
But you can refer to wiznet open source of S2E application
But it is only for IPv4. If you need it, you can download at github(https://github.com/Wiznet/WIZ550S2E)

Thank you.