W6100 evb programming

Hi, can someone link me videos or usefull data for programing w6100 evb over usb? Or i should program it over some other metods? Im new in arm mcu’s

Hi, Mario_Runje

Thank you for your interested in W6100.
WIZnet introduces W6100 on wizwiki.net

And specifically, you can find more details about W6100-EVB here

To upload firmware to W6100-EVB through USB port, you can use ST flash loader.
You can check how to do upload through here

Please feel free to ask any questions or issues about W6100.

Thank you

Is there any full code file for udp recieve and send?

I’ve gone through wizwiki and sample code is not giving me any clue about that, so any help would be appreciated.

Something like:

do whats needed to listen on port xxxx,
get data from port to some string or whatever,
do whats need after that.


hi, Mario_Runje

you can use this example project. This has tcp & udp loopback examples.



thank you

Loopback doesnt work, i got this in build console, and i found out that it stucks at W6100Initialze();

Its too long for post so i got it on this link : https://pastebin.com/Mig9K1Um

Here is loopback project guide.

If you want to know more application about W6100, you click this link and go to 3th page on ENTRY part.

Hello Mario_Runje,

Here is W6100 Loopback full code.

thank you

Hello! I am bumping this because I have tried for several attempts to get the ST Flash loader Demonstrator to connect to my W6100-EVB.
My fully up to date Windows 10 (Non domain) PC has an entry in the Device manager showing a COM3 set to 115200 8,n,1 the ST Loader is set to COM3, 115200, 8,N, Listen Mode (or Echo) 10s timeout.
Listen mode says: The failure says “no response from the target, the Boot loader can not be started. Please verify the boot mode configuration and the flash protection status, Reset device then try again…”
Echo mode and disabled mode says : “Cannot get available commands, Please, Try to change Echo selection, Reset your device then try again…”

I’m probably not doing something silly, this is my first programming with an ST device
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You