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WIZ550WEB-EVB, analog inputs do not work


Analog inputs 0 and 1 do not work.
Inputs 2 and 3 are ok.

Jumpers J27 und J28 are in the right position (temp and trimmer disabled)

Inputs 0 and 1 show fixed values, independent of any external voltage.
Op-Amp U8 seems to be dead?

Or is there any more way to configure Inputs 0 and 1?



I think you should test about A0,A1.
First, J27 and J28 are connect 1 and 2 with each other.

If Analog signal is correct operation at this situation, U8 seems to be dead.

If I put J27 and J28 in the opposite position, trimmer and temp level are shown correctly.
Thus AD-Converter works, but U8 is dead

Unfortunately, you should be change an U8.
The Part name of U8 is LM358APWR(Dual Operational Amplifiers)
DataSheet Link : LM358APWR_Datasheet

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