WIZ107sr serial programming

I have a number of WIZ107sr (rs485) which I cannot find in a ‘search’ using the Config tool.
The ethernet leds blink on first connection OK.
I have tried the reset & fact reset pins.

Is there a way to get into the device using the serial port to see its settings?
I have tried using the HW_RS pin low on powerup, but I cannot get a response using a dumb terminal at 9600 baud.


Hi don.
First, please check the device name. We are provides product as follows.

  • WIZ107SR-TTL
  • WIZ107SR-RS232
  • WIZ108SR (RS-422/485)

Second, ‘Search failed’ problem can have several causes.
please doing ping test to the module(default module’s IP address : and check the next list.

  • UDP Port Inbound / Outbound (firewall)
  • Network configuration