WIZ100SR dropping offline

We have a few jobs with the WIZ100SR integrated into a relay board (RB-8) that we purchase from tekdata solutions. When connecting these devices through a managed switch we noticed that they drop offline for a couple seconds, sometimes multiple times a day. After a week or so we have to power cycle the device because it loses communication all together like it is locked up. (cannot see in WIZnet utility either but can ping it usually).

There are 4 boards at each site that communicate with our control system host (OS X) every couple of seconds. The control works really well but we cannot figure out why they drop offline. I have the WIZ100SR boards configured as server’s. We are using Netgear GS728TP Smartswitches that also provide power to the boards. Any idea on how we can solve this?

In a recent event I noticed that WIZ100SR stops receiving bytes and messages from our host. I can still usually ping the IP but cannot see it through the WIZnet utility. It has to be power cycled to restore a connection.

Do you found a solution ? I have the same problem dans i bought lot of these units and they all have this problem. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Dear geminitro

Please check the firmware version in Configuration tool.
And I recommand F/W update to 5.13 version.
Refer to [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/wiz100sr/[/url]

One more, I suggest to use inactivity time as 5~10 second.