w5500 avdd

Hi WIZnet support team,
I am tring the design a board which is have w5500 . When I work on this refschematic , i confused. My circuit dont have anolog power source. Is AVDD coming from RJ45 or should i use dc ac converter? Also am i need all these external components? I Can you explain why am I need this inductor(HH-1M1608-121JT)? Sorry I asked too many question, its my first design and i am new in this job.
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AVDD is a VCC that has passed HH-1M1608-121JT.

You can use the HH-1M1608-121JT without additional AVDD.

You don’t have to use only HH-1M1608-121JT, just use ferrite beads.

Thank you.

Thank you so much Scott.