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WIZ550io with chipKIT MAX32

I am trying to use wiz550io with chipkit max32. I am not using shield but wiring it myself. I have connection as:
wiz550io -> chipkit max32
J1_3 -> 51 (MOSI)
J1_4 -> 50 (MISO)
J1_5 -> 52 (SCK)
J1_6 -> 53 (SS)
J2_1 -> 3V3
J2_6 -> GND
I am using wiznet arduino library(1.0.x version) in MPide but I am not able to use any examples successfully.
I have tried setting Ethernet.begin() after 1s delay but still the ip and mac aren’t changed. Is there any connections missing ?
Can anyone provide me with working example for chipkit MAX32?

WIZ550io have a tiny MCU to configure the default network information. It takes over 500ms.
Refer to [url]WIZ550io and Arduino Pro Micro].

Thank you.

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