WIZ14xSR FW problem(1.6.9)


I made a program that is sends data every 250~ ms.
I saw problem after 400 < 550 bytes(Sorry I didnt count).
After 400 < 550 bytes the Wiz module skips sending byte to tcp server or clients.
A tried 1.6.8 - 1.6.9 FW and the problem is same. But I tried 1.6.4 and It is working well.
So I think newer fws have problem.
I attach pictures about settings, and the problem, and when working well with 1.6.4 fw.

Thank you.

The “RX Len:” is not length, it is just counting 0-255. Packet sequence for debug.

No problem with 1.6.4:

(Sorry for 2 commets, but Im new user, and pictures limited to 1 image/post)

The latest firmware has not been updated on the homepage and it is attached, so please use it.

WIZ140v1_7_0_210209.zip (25.4 KB)

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