Using MQTT with W6100 (SPI)

Hi there,

My name is Ygor and I work in Khomp, in Brazil. Here we would like to use W6100 for SPI based Ethernet applications, more precisely, MQTT applications (publish and subscribe).

For MCU, we are going to use CC32xx (WiFi Module) from TI, but I think the TI’s MQTT stack and libraries from WiFi can not be reused for the SPI based Ethernet application.

I saw that the io6Library works well for W6100, so I suppose that I will have to implement my own MQTT stack using io6Library as socket stack base.

I would like to know is:
How can I start to implement these MQTT applications?
Do you have/recommend any MQTT stack and libraries that works with W6100?
Do you have/recommend any documentantion to help developing my own MQTT stack?
Dou have any W6100 examples for MQTT applications?

Thanks for your attention!

Please refer the as below link.

Thanks for the link and for your attention!