W6100-evb-pico mqtt - arduino ide

Hi everybody

I am newbie in microcontrolers so i am sorry if my question is nothing new…

I’ve bought wiznet w6100-evb-pico with ethernet. My purpose is create client mqtt at that boards.

  • First i thought i can use micropython to write mqtt client - i see a lot of example… - but i find information micropython was version for W5500 or W5100 but not for W6100.

I’ve accepted that and next try was a arduino - I’ve installed arduino ide. I returned to version 1.8 arduino ide because newer has a problem with ethernet.h library - at 1.8 example at webserver working (i can see him at my local network ip) - so great.

Now I try find a library to set up client mqtt - and … i have a problem - i see a few libraries for w6100 at library but i had error with my board so I’ve think reason is… that library is for w6100-evb - not for w6100-evb-pico. Do you have idea what i should do?

To program w6100-evb-pico in arduino IDE, you need to add and use “WIZnet/arduino-pico”, a separate library distributed by WIZnet.
To add WIZnet/arduino-pico, follow the steps below.

  1. Additional Board Manager URLs: GitHub - WIZnet-ArduinoEthernet/arduino-pico: Raspberry Pi Pico Arduino core, for all RP2040 boards with Ethernet from https://github.com/earlephilhower/arduino-pico
  2. Install Raspberry Pi Pico Board by Earlephilhower or WIZnet
  3. Use Example code

You can find more details at these links.

  1. I added “Additional Boards Manager URLs” field

  2. I installed library by wiznet

  3. I’ve tested default examples blink and WebServer examples

  4. And now my purpose is … simple mqtt client - which library i can use at W6100-evb-pico to reach this? in this example i see they use W5100-evb-pico but they used micropython, which is not supported by w6100-evb-pico…

I don’t know of any MQTT for Arduino IDE officially provided by WIZnet.
To implement MQTT with the W6100-EVB-Pico in the Arduino IDE environment, you can use the MQTT library and examples provided by the Arduino IDE.