W7500S2E-C1 connected to Switch-IC KSZ8863MLL

I’m interested in using the W7500S2E-C1 together with the Micrel KSZ8863MLL within my own board. The KSZ8863MLL is intended to provide a 3-port switch functionality to allow daisy chaining of several boards.
The primary function is similar to the W7500S2E-R1 - a serial (UART) to Ethernet gateway without additional protocol.

Can I use the W7500S2E-C1 with the original firmware or is an extra support for the switch chip required?
If modifications are required at the firmware, is it possible to get an adapted version?



I’m Ron from WIZnet HK.

Thank you for your interest on using our W7500S2E-C1.

The firmware for W7500S2E-C1 has set to only could communicate with IP101 series.

If you are still interested on using our solution, please email us to support@wiznet.hk

Best Regards,