Would you have technical information and pdf of the “D1” series?
I see the brochures and something general.
2 TCP ports

Thank you so much

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Hi, I’m Ron from WIZnet HK.

Please find the attachment for the latest user manual for our W7500S2E-D1.

W7500S2E User Manual V1.3.pdf (3.1 MB)

Please find the following link for a simple demo on how to use W7500S2E-D1.


The problem in the PDF manual is that there is no clear explanation of the use of 2 ethernet ports. I also do not understand when configuring the explanation for this W7500S2E-D1 module.
The video shows something fast which doesn’t make it clear to me if it’s some kind of switch.

Would you have something more complete in technical pdf?
Can you handle 2 ethernet independently?
only 1 RS232 port?
No more pins available?
technical plans of the plate?

for sale ?

thank you


Sorry for the late reply.

Our purpose for developing this module is creating a linear network communication when there isn’t any switch or router in your environment. Thus, this module is not a switch.

About your question, please find the informaiton below.

  1. This module is still not launch. Thus, we currently don’t have a complete technical pdf for this module.

  2. This module cannot handle 2 ethernet independently.

  3. Yes. Only ONE RS232 port

  4. As you could see from the pdf that I provided previously, those are the avialable pin that we could provide.

  5. As in our current stage, we don’t have any plans to develop further for this module.

**However, our HK office are capable to provide customization modules for our customer. **
**If you are interested, you could contact our office email. **

Email: sales@wiznet.hk

  1. As I mentioned previously, this module is not launch.