Incorrect Password while connecting to WizFi-360 in softAP

Hi Team,

Below are the details of WizFi-360 firmware that I am using
AT version: 4 2021 15:14:59)
SDK version:3.2.0(a0ffff9f)
compile time:May 4 2021 15:14:59

When i set SSID and Password for the first time (using AT+CWSAP_DEF CMD), able to connect to WiFi module and able to exchange data.
When i changed the SSID/Password/both, facing incorrect password issue.

Can you please help me in understanding of what is the reason for above behavior ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Padmini,

If you change the SSID, password or both to ‘AT+CWSAP’, the station connected to WizFi360 running as a softAP will be disconnected.

Therefore, you need to reconnect with the changed SSID and password.

Hi Austin,

The reconnect with changed password is giving incorrect password. It continues to give incorrect password until we change the SSID and Password to the first tried SSID and password using AT+CWSAP_DEF and then try connecting to it.

Hi Austin,

Can you please provide the response for above query ???

Hi @Padmini

In v1.1.2.0, this issue has been fixed.

Please check it.