WizFi 360 Segment ID issue

Hi Team,

We are using WizFi 360 WiFi module with firmware version and Using CIPSENDBUF Command for transmitting data.

WiFi module returns ERROR response after segment ID 65535 (see the attachment below)

I tested 3 times and received ERROR exactly after segment ID 65535 on all 3 attempts.

as per WizFi AT instruction set, Segment ID is 4 bytes.

But we are using, so wanted to know

  1. The size of segment ID as per firmware version ?
  2. 65535 is higher range of 2 bytes, so suspecting on segment ID. Can you help us in understanding the reason for receiving Error if segment ID is not the root cause for receiving ERROR ?


Hello @Padmini,

In F/W, the variable to manage segment ID is set to 2 bytes.
(Also in F/W version 1.1.x.x, the variable to manage segment ID is set to 2 bytes.)

Therefore, if the segment ID exceeds 65535, ERROR is returned.

If there is no problem even after modifying F/W, put a routine to reset the segment ID before the segment ID reaches 65535.

Hi Austin,

It means, Reset of segment ID when segment ID crosses 65535 is not handled in WizFi firmware ?

Hi @Padmini

If segment ID crosses 65535, automatic reset is not handled in WizFi360 F/W.

So, you have to manually reset the segment ID through the AT command.

Sorry, but v1.0.7.5 is not supported F/W, so fixing segment ID to be automatically reset in v1.0.7.5 is not supported.

We will review to fix the segment ID reset issue in the next version(v1.1.1.8 or higher).