Get RSSI when WizFi 360 Module is configured as SoftAP mode

Hi Team,

I am using WizFi 360 Module and configured the WizFi Module in SoftAP mode. Now, I wanted to get the RSSI of the WizFi module which is working as Access Point.

I checked the WizFi360 AT instruction set, but unable to find any command which returns the RSSI of Module which is configured as SoftAP Mode.

Can you help me with the command that gives the RSSI of WizFi module which is configured as SoftAP ?


Hi Team,

Can somebody please respond to above question ??


Dear. @Padmini

Unfortunately, the wizfi360 does not offer this feature.
RSSI functionality is not provided by the Wi-Fi chip manufacturer.

We will provide you with firmware if the chip manufacturer updates the function.

Hi Scarlet,

Thanks for response and i have a query on the response given.

The query is:
There are commands which gives RSSI value, but WizFi module should be configured as Station Mode or SoftAP+Station Mode. Please check the below commands.

So, I am wondering how come above commands respond with RSSI if
RSSI functionality is not provided by the Wi-Fi chip manufacturer


Dear @Padmini
About your question,
This is because the manufacturer’s library are provides RSSI’s station, AP+station mode only.
I checked the manufacturer’s document for an answer.
And it is confirmed that RSSI for AP mode is not provided.
I’m sorry I couldn’t provide you with the features you need.

Ok…Got it Scarlet.


Hi Scarlet,

I have a question regarding Station + Access Point Mode, Below are the details:

We have configured WizFi 360 module in Station + Access Point Mode, and done the necessary configurations as below


Now, when I use command AT+CWLAP, it lists all available AP’s except it’s own i.e SSID: StationAndAP.

But I can see that SSID (StationAndAP) on my system and able to connect to that SSID which means that Access point is correctly configured and advertising.

So, My question is: Does the command AT+CWLAP identify it’s own Access point details when the device is configured in Station + Access point mode??

Using any commands, is it possible to get the details of own access Point (RSSI) when the device is configured in Station + Access point mode??

And when we actually use Station + Access point mode ??


Dear @Padmini

about your question,

It seems that, Wizfi360 obtain AP information (including RSSI) from AP after register itself as an AP.
It’s not surported.
The station does not get it’s own AP information.

The AP+station has functions as an AP for devices in the local area, and is also connect to ‘other’ device as station client.