Wizfi transparent mode + SPI

I got wizfi360 to replace my Wifly RN1810 modules.
I would like to be able to broadcast AP from wiFly, connect to it from Tablet app and send and receive data in transparent mode without AT overhead. I would also prefer using SPI for communication with microcontroller.
What configuration do I need to set on the module via UART first to enable TCP server in transparent mode ? Will it auto-switch to SPI when SPIEN is set to low ?
Will SPI also transmit/receive in transparent mode ?


To use WizFi360’s SPI mode, it must be set as follows.

  • Use F/W version 1.1.x.x (The latest F/W veriosn of WiZFi360 is
  • Set SPI_EN pin low.

However, please note that WizFi360 does not support transparent mode when using both UART mode / SPI mode as a TCP server.

Are there any plans to release fw that supports transparent mode ? Because with AT overhead its not really an option for many applications…

The TCP server transparent mode function will be added in the next version release, but there is no plan for the next version release yet.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.