Query regarding WizFi 360 release version

Hi Team,

As per Release of WIZnet-WizFi360



  1. Added +MQTTPUBSEND sending binary data
  2. Added +MQTTQOS settings QoS configuration
  3. Fixed response bugs when connecting Station to WizFi360 set with SoftAP
  4. Modified Change topic while connecting to a broker

We are using version and using WizFi 360 as SoftAP. So, wanted to understand what are all the bugs/issues fixed as per 3rd point mentioned in release notes.


Hello Padmini. Sorry for the late reply.

When WizFi360 is set to AP mode, if you connect to it in Station mode, the message that WizFi360 is connected should be displayed, but sometimes it is not.

thank you