WIZ750SR data loss at 460800 b/s

WIZNET does not provide any software solution to this issue which was raised here many times ( except hiding the 460800 b/s spec in new user manual versions !).
In addition, as the software was written in Keil compiler 5 , it is impossible for the user to fix the bug with the present compiler 6.
Anybody sees a solution ?

The data loss is 3 bytes for about 15 kBytes sent to TCP and seems occuring randomly . The probleme is certainly caused by TX buffer unsufficient size The buffer size TX to TCP could be increased by recompiling the software ( rx buffer could be reduced accordingly). Has someone here tested some recompiling ?

I think this post is similar to your issue.
he default of TCP tx buffer size is 4K. If you want to recompile the code, you can download the code and to change it.

github: GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ750SR: WIZnet Serial to Ethernet(S2E) module based on W7500 chip, WIZ107/108SR S2E compatible device

:warning: Caution

Sn_TXBUF_SIZE configures the TX buffer block size of Socket n. Socket n TX Buffer Block size can be configured with 1,2,4,8, and 16 Kbytes. If a different size is configured, the data can’t be normally transmitted to a peer.
Although Socket n TX Buffer Block size is initially configured to 2Kbytes, user can be re-configure its size using Sn_TXBUF_SIZE. The total sum of Sn_TXBUF_SIZE cannot be exceed 16Kbytes. When exceeded, the data transmission error is occurred.
** n means the number of socket(7) **

Dear Irina,

Thank you for your mail. I found this file size .The problem is thay the Keil compiler does not work in the old version 5, but only version 6 is available now. Here in Toulouse, I didn’t find an aerospace company working with this version 5. In addition So could you recompile it and send it to me ?

( the size should be if I am not wrong 16, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 )

Best regards

Jean Pierre Mayer

MILLINAV Toulouse France