WIZ750SR-110 Serial Baudrate



I have two Wiznet S2E modules, one server and the other one is client. There are terminal windows on the serial ends of these two S2E modules.

For Baudrate of 115200 the modules transmit data without any errors.
But at Baudrate beyond that, for eg. 230400 and above, there are errors during transmission.

Is 115200 the max baudrate the WIZ750SR-110 serial interface can run on?

Kindly let me know if there is a solution to this. Thank you.


Hi neo.

Can you tell me specifically what the error is?

The maximum baud rate of WIZ750SR-110 is 460.8kbps.

We have verified that there is no data loss at 230.8kbps and 460.8kbps.

The following test connects RX and TX of RS-232 of WIZ750SR-110, it is a test to transmit data received via Ethernet back to Ethernet.

If the numbers of “Send Byte” and “Receive Byte” are the same, it is judged that data transmission is successful.

Case 230.8kbps

Case 460.8kbps


Thank you


Thank you for confirming this Scott.

I had just one doubt regarding the data transfer rate:
Is my Ethernet packet generation rate same as my serial input rate or are they different?

Is the data transfer rate same when I receive Internet packets on the other end and convert it back to serial? (I mean will the transmission rate be same as the reception rate)

Note: I am using two Wiz750sr-110 to transfer data.