WizFi210 Auto connection Issue

Hello all,
I try to connect my WizFi210 to a AP and then to PC (AP is connect to PC via LAN cable). I configured WizFi210 using ARM microcontroler, and the communication between them is via UART(serial communication).
The problem is: when I click the (GPIO21) button twice consecutively, the
WizFi210 is restored to factory default setting and changed to <AP & Web mode>. Then I used the following AT commands to connect WizFi210 to AP and PC(to Hercules software):

The LED’s [W_CONN] and [S_CONN] switch ON. When I remove the power of my AP, these LED’s switch OFF. Then I restore the power of AP and I expect my Auto connection to be established ( LED’s [W_CONN] and [S_CONN] must switch ON again). What am I missing? Thanks before !!!

Here is my test logs.

Then I turned off the AP and the association was lost.
And after some times, the module reconnected to the TCP server.

Be note that AT+XAR=5 is too short, so some trouble can be occurred.