[Update] Auto connection issue when wizfi in client mode

Hi all,

Currently, I am developing my project to send the data using the Wizfi 210. I tried to connect my application when the wizfi running the server mode. The system worked well even tried to connect-disconnect-connect again while both led indicator had turned on. Moreover, I configured the wizfi into the client mode. The first connection was successfully to transmit the data, however while I disconnect my application and tried to make the second connection it won’t work. Is it wizfi support auto connection in client mode? how to setup auto connection configuration for client mode in wizfi 210?


Hello Danil

If you use enterprise f/w 1.2.x.x, you can use NCMAUTO option as below.
When WizFi210 disconnect to the TCP server, WizFi210 will try to reconnect 1000 times.

IP SubNet Gateway






I want to use wizfi as an access point and read the sensor to the microcontroller atmega16, is it possible? how to order wizfi connected by android application


hi dimas.

Of course, It is possible that you want to feature.

WizFi210 provide 2 modes and we called the Station mode and the Limited AP mode.

[quote]WizFi210 can operate in Limited AP Mode. WizFi210 doesn’t have any other Ethernet or WiFi interface for Uplink, so any device can’t access to Internet via WizFi210 which is operating as Limited AP. The lack of resources in WizFi210 restricts the number of devices able to join WizFi210.
However, Limited AP Mode of WizFi210 is useful when the mobile device, that has WiFi capability, directly connects to WizFi210 and communicate with it without any other Access Point.

After starting Limited AP and TCP Server of WizFi210, Android APP can communicate with WizFi210 as a TCP Client.

For a more detailed description, please refer to the link below
http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/wizfi210/ - Programmer’s guide
6.2 Limited AP mode
10.4. Limited AP, TCP Server and Auto Connection