w6100-evb-pico support for Circuitpython


the board

is not listed here

Any plans or suggestion how to use this board with Circuitpython?


Hello, @KHome this is WIZnet.
First of all, regarding the W6100-EVB-Pico, it only supports CircuitPython for W5x00. We will make efforts to support it as soon as possible. Thank you

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Hi @scarlet!

Any updates about this?


Hello @scarlet ,

what was done already to have micropython support the W6100 chip ?
I read on another thread here that the W5x00 has only minimal changes in comparison to the W6x00, so why is it not supported yet ?

Do you have a roadmap ?
If some efforts were already done, can you put that already in a repository so that other people can contribute (and hopefully get it supported faster)

Hello, this is Scarlet.
Thank you for your interest in our WIZnet W6x00 series. Currently, there is no development roadmap for MicroPython and CircuitPython for the W6x00 series.
Creating new firmware is challenging because the W6 and W5 series use different libraries (W5x00 uses ioLibrary, while W6x00 uses io6library). As these libraries have slightly different internal structures, porting would require extensive modifications beyond just path changes, and we anticipate that it would be a time-consuming process.
We appreciate your understanding of this matter and will discuss it further in our internal meetings. Thank you.

This is an update to CircuitPython for W6x00 series support.
The usage is the same as the existing WIZNET5K library, and unfortunately it only works with IPV4 and not IPV6.
This version has been tested on CircuitPython F/W 8.2.9 and you can use all the examples on Github.
Please try it out and let us know if you have any issues.


Hi there
I have tried it and noticed that now Vers 9 Bundle 20240402 my examples fail at least partially: the send seems to work while receiving messages seem not to work. This applies to the simpletest and mqtt… also DHCP gets a time out and I have to configure the ip-related address information manually… then sending works but receiving does not work…

Any help or hint for debugging is very much appreciated