Firmware W6100-evb-pico

Hello, so I tried example code and the line “nic.ifconfig(‘dhcp’)” made the board automatically lock up since I had it in

So I used the flash_nuke.uf2 and now I can’t find the firmware for w6100-evb-pico. Won’t start up on w5500 firmware

Hello, this is WIZnet.
Are you looking for a firmware compatible with MicroPython?
The firmware for the W5500 and the W6100 is slightly different…Unfortunately, the W6100 does not currently support MicroPython firmware. We will strive to make it available as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s for a bigger project and I had prewritten most of the functionality in micropython. It did come with firmware for micropython, I assume I wouldn’t have been able to run any code otherwise.
I could compile it myself if there’s an “idiot proof” tutorial, as I haven’t tried that before

Did you happen to use the WIZNET5K module as a reference? That firmware is only applicable to the W5x00 series. The code in question uses the iolibraries, but this library cannot be used with the W6100. The W6100 uses the io6Library, and there is no provided MicroPython firmware that refers to this library.
Could you please let me know where you obtained the firmware if it is a different one?

All I know is that I bought the w6100-evb-pico, which Picotool and Thonny recognized as w6100-evb-pico. And it worked until it didn’t, running test code, after which I ended up where I am now

I had no success compiling the rp2040-v6-hat-c, and tbh I don’t know if it’s the right place to look, can’t run anything on it right now though. It lacked cmakelists instructions for making the elf2uf2 thing if I understood it correctly, tried editing a bit but didn’t figure it out.

As stated I have no previous experience doing this so maybe I’m overlooking something but I wouldn’t know. I don’t have any firmware except the one that was preloaded, which I guess I don’t have anymore.

The rp2040-v6-hat-c code is for C language and not compatible with MicroPython. What I can help with:

  1. If you are okay with developing in C and having difficulty compiling rp2040-v6-hat-c in C, I can assist you with that.
  2. Are you using W6100-evb-pico for IPv6? If there is no particular reason, have you considered using W5100s-evb-pico or W5500-evb-pico? Both boards have solid MicroPython support.
  3. If you port the w6100 library for MicroPython, you can create a MicroPython UF2 for w6100-evb-pico. I can guide you on how to do this, but you will have to do some library porting and code work yourself. This requires a lot of time and is difficult, so I do not recommend it.