Is this Chip Dead? What is the replacement?

So this chip seems to be the only product free from forced PHY inclusion, and thus has a MII or RGMII exposed interface. (unless I’m wrong).

Last Sunday (4/23/23) when I made this account, Half of the pages on the W3150A+, said “discontinued” or “not recommended for new design”, but Half didn’t.

Unlike the W5200 where every page said “discontinued/not recommended for new design”

Now almost a week later the “obsolete/discontinued” is gone from all of the W3150A+ pages. BUT Mouser and Digikey both list the Chip as “obsolete”. Module board (NM7010B+) is also “obsolete” on Mouser, but Digi-key says the module is a current product, yet have none.

Would love to use W5100S(s) but they have that pesky un-removable/disable-able PHY chip. (again unless I’m wrong, and I would love to be wrong)

IF W3150A+ is the only PHY-less Ethernet controller in the product line, and if its being retired, what is the replacement?

All from here except W3150A say having PHY included…