establishment of TCP client and server between two wizfi360 module

Hi, I’m working on wizfi360-PA, AT+GMR AT version: 5 2020 17:23:23) SDK version:3.2.0(a0ffff9f) I could have connect two wizfi module, but couldn’t establish a TCP connection. AT+CIPSERVER=1,1000 OK AT+CIPSTART=0,“TCP”,“”,1000,180 AT+CIPSTART=0,“TCP”,“”,1000,180 af…

Hello @Sushma_N_S

I can’t figure out where the problem is with just the information you shared.

Please share more information, such as the AT commands you used and log to figure out the problem.

I’m am working on WizFi360-evb-mini,
Here I could have connect two wizfi module. But I struck in a problem of connecting the module in TCP layer connection.
How can I define the port number at client side to connect with the server side?

Hi @Sushma_N_S

When connecting to the server as a client, use ‘AT+CIPSTART’ and enter the IP and port of the server to connect to the server.

Please refer to the document below for details.

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From 2nd document, which is posted in the previous response was helpful me to connect.
Now I could have connect between two wizfi-360 modules in a TCP layer and can communicate between two by sending and receiving data.

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