TCP server with multiple clients

To all WIZFI250 module users

I open this thread to find out if multiple sockets function, to a TCP server, is helpful ?
To date, it is impossible to use the WIZFI250 module in TCP server mode with multiple clients supports.
if you open a TCP server, then ONLY 1 client can access to the module. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

the method of firmware (unofficial) is really not intuitive and not easy to manage.
i try it and it’s really not friendly !

we buy a module with AT commands to simplify life and not having to deal with such problems.

i would like to open a petition to request a simple AT command to allow / reserve N sockets (up to 8) to this feature.
for sure this new command need to be official, to be sure that next firmware release include it !

another solution/idea is to allow to send β€œAT+SCON=O,TSN,5000(port),0” multiple time (up to 8). then the module manage himself up to 8 clients !??

well any user friendly solution will be better !

please Users … add β€œ+1” if you agree !

thanks to all readers
have fun, regards

Hi Pill

The multi connection function is possible in F/W of WizFi250.
but this version is probably unstable. so we will try to find and modify the bugs in actual use.
And we need help in order to find the bugs.

I’m going to send the FW to you.