W5500 Socket Setup for Independent UDP Packets

Would you please tell us how to set up the W5500’s socket to receive two independent UDP packets from two different IP addresses?

Currently, I have opened one socket for a UDP protocol, and it works very well between W5500 and PC1. However, when I tried to connect PC2 to the existing W5500 via a switch, packets from PC1 dropped and sometimes W5500 did not even answer requests from PC1. Providing PC1 and PC2 have different IP addresses and are connected to the same switch/hub.

If I disconnect PC2, the communication between W5500 and PC1 will be re-established.

Thanks for your help.

Does W5500 have different IP address than PC1 and PC2, and have unique MAC address?

Yes. They all have different IP addresses, but they will be on the same subnet.

I consider the case when you connect a node to the network and existing nodes stop working as not possible if network is configured properly, if all the devices are configured properly and are not faulty. You must perform more testing trying changing switch, use Wireshark to identify any useful pattern of failure. You have something you do not yet see or realize.