Connecting Two W7500P-S2E Devices Via Ethernet Patch Cable


I have designed many products using W7500P-S2E and all are working fine for more than a year on customer sites.

However, I am not able to decide on how to connect two W7500P devices together via ethernet patch cable.

The scheme would be like this:
[USB to RS485 Converter] — [ Device A: RS485 to Ethernet W7500P-S2E] ---- / — [Device B: Ethernet to RS485 W7500P-S2E] — [RS485 to USB Converter]

For testing, I have two WIZ750SR-RS485 boards with me.

I would like to understand;

  1. What to configure in ‘Device A’ and ‘Device B’? Client & Server respectively or TCP Mixed via cross-over ethernet patch cable?
  2. Do you foresee any problem in my application?


Harish KS