Questions on how to build and flash firmware on the W5500-EVB

Hello my friends,

I just started setting up the EVB and its required software whatnots to interact with the board and perhaps build a firmware and flash it.

So, far it seems that I need one application for building the app which is LPCXpresso, one application to flash the firmware which is Flash Magic, one application to see the TCP/UDP logs which is Hercules, and one application to see the serial port logs on Windows which is PuTTy.

I have two questions:

  1. is it possible to do both of the build and flash steps in VS code?
  2. Is there any documentation regarding the build process? I have read the following document:

, but it does not say much about how to actually build a firmware and its whatnots:

Is there any blogpost or well-documented git repo that you would recommend checking out?