What does a udp server do every 2 minutes?

A client and server have joined in UDP mode.
The client is sending 66 packets a second to the server using the AT+SSEND command.

We have noticed that every 120 seconds the server does something that affects the transfer rate of these received packets out of the uart.

What happens every 2 minutes in version, that doesn’t appear to happen to the same degree in v1.0.0.0 ?

Hello anglial

I like to know the detail status.

And can you try it again in other environments as below?

  • with another AP
  • WizFi250-AP mode-TCP Server and WizFi250-STA mode-TCP Client
  • WizFi250-UDP Server and PC-UDP Client

Here are some more details :

The udp server (v1.0.1.8) is receiving data and writing out of the uart, one packet on average every 1/66 seconds. Every 2 minutes the time increases by around 50ms I guess (it is almost impossible to view this time change, but I know from program analysis that something is happening, but I have not actually observed it).

Is it perhaps the server doing some sort of client scan or ip address check causing a brief delay ?

For me there is no point in checking the other environments described, since this is not how the modules are used in the system.

Hello anglial

When you issue <at+ssend command>, did you check the response [OK] as below?


To send a data continuously, you should wait [OK] for next sending.