[From QnA] WIZ108SR problem

Dear Wiznet,
I purchased a WIZ108SR modul (MAC: 00-0B-DC-19-91-C9), but I cannot make it run.

  1. I tried with config tool → no modul found, no ping response
  2. I tried with CMD Mode → nothing in the terminal window
  3. I tried with WizISP → I succesfully connected to it and every memory block is “FF” → empty ??? I got an empty MCU???
  4. I tried to reflash with WIZ108SR_V220.bin → still no go
  5. I tried with other example programs (like HTTPs demo) and the modul worked
    So, where is the problem? How can I change my modul back to work? How to reflash it in a correct way?
    I need the correct firmware for programing with WizISP.

Best Regards,
Gyozo Madar

Dear customer,

I’ll let you know what wrong matter is.
Wiz108sr_v220.bin is only about application. Therefore Wiz108sr_v220.bin should be uploaded using configuration tool.
I think that you removed the boot code of boot area.
you can request RMA to the agency which you get the module.