WIZ100SR module Mac Adress Failure

I have about 40 pieces WIZ100SR. They works in my circuits for 10 years. One of WIZ100SR while device working was broken last week. When I search at Config Tool , Its Mac adress seem FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF :frowning:
Its firmware version was 4.0. I did firmware update to 5.13 version. But stil mac address was wrong. How can I correct mac address ? Please help me .


I’m sorry to hear that. the flash memory in which the mac address is stored may broken.
Anyway, I will help you to change the mac manually.

Please refer to attached firmware and guide video.
wiz100sr_mac_change_v0514.zip (2.0 MB)

  1. Upload firmware v0514
  2. Turn off configuration tool - this is because you can not open the same port.
  3. UDP socket open in terminal program like ‘Hercules’
  4. Send command that is “MACC(old MAC)(0xff)(new MAC)” like this → MACC$00$08$DC$11$22$33$ff$00$08$dc$44$55$66
  5. Check the massage that module responded
  6. Check the changed MAC address in the configuration tool and debugging messages.

Please try and notify to me the result.

Hi Ricky,
I tried your solution. Result is Succeed. :ok_hand: Thanks for your interest and support. :slight_smile:

wiz 100sr cards working with a few problems we have a very big problem. 8.2 ver falling problem. The change of mac and ping is not going to be the case with the following problems.
these problems are working after a period of work.
A card mover with 1000 of the following problems

Dear, Vasif

Changing firmware version to 8.2 occurs when firmware upload fails. Please upload the firmware again and check the success message. The version will be displayed normally.