WIZ110SR Serial Command <WW error


I’m sending the serial command '<WWwww.mysite.com> to the module, but the data are stored in the wrong way.

mysite.com’ is stored without ‘www.’.
I noticed that ‘www.’ is stored in the bytes reserved for DNS Server IP (I read in the configuration tool software which are the ASCII codes for ‘www.’)

This error happens on firmwares greater than version 4.00.

Version 4.00 works correctly with the same command.

I’m doing something wrong? Can you check the problem.

Thank you


I’ll investigate your question.
I think this is related to a configuration tool display.
If you insert the correct DSN Server IP and select the Use DNS checkbox, you can use a DNS function.
Refer to the following image.


Dear Markino193

You can get the latest firmware from the following site.
wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/ … F_KeyWord=


Thanks a lot, now it works fine.