WIZ110SR Communication


I was given a WIZ110SR for a school project and have hit the wall with regards to pulling information from the Serial to Ethernet module. Did manage to configure the device using the Configuration Tool ver. 3.0.2. I have a static IP, Subnet and gateway. I used the PING button on the Configuration Tool and get the following message “Packets: Sent=5, Received=5, Lost=0”

How do I program the rest of the device?

What do I need to do in order to see the information on the serial side?

Thanks in advance

As you know WIZ110SR is the serial-to-ethernet gateway module.
It just forwarding data from serial to ethernet(and from ethernet to serial)
It isn’t needed programming.
Just setting the network configuration of WIZ110SR.
And send or receive the data from serial side or ethernet side.
For more information, please refer to the user manual.

YWKWon ,

Thanks for the information. I will go thru the manual asap.