Wiz107sr hw_trig pin

In a latest firmware version 4.04 HW_TRIG behavior has completely changed making it backwards not compilant. I spent all day trying to find a fault in an application in which I had changed WIZ with 4.03 firmware to a new one with 4.04. The only place where the information about the modification is mentioned is in a table in download section where firmware can be found. The user manual does not state this at all.
First of all I think it is a very bad idea to introduce such modification in software making it so incompatible with previous version, without giving user a choice. I think the best way would be to upgrade config tool with a proper parameter.
Second thing is the user manual itself. Please update it.
Unfortunately whole this situation forces me (and probably others) to use older firmware with other bugs not fixed.
Best Regards

Hi Leszek.
I apologize that our firmware update gave you the confusion.
But ‘HW_TRIG’ pin behavior has not completely changed, just function added for no-PHY link situations.
(The ‘HW_TRIG’ Pin behaves the same as before when normal PHY link situations.)
If possible, we recommands to use the new firmware because the no-PHY link detection function using ‘HW_TRIG’ pin is expected to be maintained in the future.
Thanks for your advises.