Error: Serial Open

Hi, I got a problem when upgrading the firmware of WizFi250 to, but it didn’t go to COM and MAC. Please help! Thanks in advance!

Hi chipin.


You can solve the problem about upgrading the firmware of WizFi250. If you check COM Port and Baud rate.(Baud rate 115200)

good luck with your project.

I use the white EVB v1.0 board to upgrade the firmware.

Fit the WizFi module to the pcb then plug cable into usb port.
Fit the black jumper JP3 to put it into boot mode
Run WIZSmartScript.exe
Select the correct com port and 115200 baud rate
Change F/W to
Change group to U. JIG(User)
Change Script to 02.Flash Write(dct)
Push the reset button (SW1) and observe led4 flash
Push Start Script button
It takes 7 seconds to upload the DCT. Wait until it is done.
Push the reset button again and observe led4 flash
Change Script to 03. Flash Write(app)
Push Start Script button
It takes 2 minutes 10 seconds to upload the APP. Wait until it is done.
Remove JP3
Push reset button
Push the Module Info, Read MAC button. [You get a Serial Command Error]
Push the Module Info, Read MAC button again.
This time you will see the module info.
The wrong MAC address is in the MAC box. It will read 00:08:DC:00:00:00
Change it to match the MAC address on the label of the Wizfi module.
Push the Write MAC, Custom Code button.
See it write the MAC address.

I usually check everything again:
Push the Module Info,Read MAC button. [You get a Serial Command Error]
Push the Module Info,Read MAC button again.
The firmware will now be and the MAC address will match the label.
Remove cable from usb port
Remove module from pcb (don’t bend it…)

hello anglial.

in your case, why don’t you push the “”“”“MAC WRITE, custom code”“”“” button after writing mac address(1) at ‘MAC’ tab.
mac address(1) was written in front of WizFi250…

I usually start with a module that is using 3686400 baud in run mode (which is too fast), so I cannot read the mac address before reprogramming the firmware. This is why I do it manually afterwards.

Of course if you have a module at 921600 baud or lower, you can read the mac address in run mode before programming the firmware, which will put it into the mac addresss edit box, then program the firmware, then at the end in run mode program the mac address back in.