[From QnA]Wiz811 Mac Address with OUI

I have the Wiz811 module and I want to assign a MAC Address with Wiznet’s OUI starting with 00:08:DC (24 Most Significant Bits). Do I just arbitrarily choose the least significant 24 bits to complete the MAC Address or do i need to obtain it somehow? Also, does the Wiz811MJ module not come with a preassigned MAC Address?

Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in our WIZ811MJ.
1>WIZnet provides MAC address starting with 00:08:DC for all the modules except network module, such as WIZ811MJ .Because network module is just a hardware platform without application(Firmware).
2>Of course, if you just want to use WIZ811MJ in LAN, you can copy our MAC as your own. But if you want to use it in Public internet, it is illegal and might encounter MAC conflicts.
3>If you want to apply your own MAC address for your main board+WIZ811MJ, you should contact with IEEE administration.