3964R DUST Protokoll / Wiznet107SR

Hello together,

who can help me to programm a 3964R DUST Protocoll to the wiznet107SR.

Description of the protocoll: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/3964R

Fragments of C/C++ Code: c-plusplus.net/forum/42820-full

Is it possible to get this code into the Wiznet ?

Best regards,

Hi, Hermann.
The WIZ107/108SR firmware is published only application binary file, so we could not offering customizing firmware. (source code is not opened).
we are recommended to choose a our different S2E product for your applications; WIZ550S2E.

The WIZ550S2E’s firmware source code is open at WIZnet GitHub repository.

I think that you can added the ‘3964R DUST Protocol’ to WIZ550S2E product firmware.