WIZ107SR return to original firmware

I have a WIZ107SR R1.4 on which I’d like to test my own application code. After that I’d like to return to the original firmware v4.04.
I read that the WizNet bootloader is erased if I program my code with WizISP, and it is not publicly available to reprogram it.
Can I upload my application code with the firmware upload function of ConfigTool instead, keeping the bootloader?
How to load the original firmware after that? I assume my code has to take care of getting firmware and flash programming.
Best regards.

Hi eNDi.
The ‘WIZ107SR standard firmware’ in our website is only application part. it will not work alone.
Application firmware code include parts for working with configuration tool. so, user’s custom firmware is not permitted.

‘WIZ107SR standard firmware full version’ (includes Boot code) is not offer. it’s WIZnet’s policy unfortunately.
Please request RMA to your dealer or distributor near you for firmware recover.


Problem solved in WIZ107SR need to factory reset module… (full firmware download).