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Strange problem with javascript POST requets / IE

Dear all,

we have developed a embedded WIFI web-server using a CPU and a Wizfi250 module.
Wizfi250 is the AP.

full HTML, image and stuffs are right served to the web browser client.
All GET and POST request works as expected with Firefox and Chrome. we can successful parse Header and Body of the request from a payload.
but that work ONLY with FF/GC

when we try it with IE (11), all GET request works as expected. all the page are right served to the browser.
but when we click on a button page, to make some POST request, the javascript POST request from IE, send first the header in one payload, then in the next payload the body !!

i wonder if anyone have already face to this issue …
is that a problem in the Wizfi250 module firmware ?
or is that a problem in the javascript code !..?

find some info on google about this body in next payload … (but nothing that can’t really help me)
so i’m not sure that is directly a problem of the Wizfi250 module !

any tips or info please ?

thanks, regards

Hi phil31

What kind of Version of Firmware do you use?

I prefer to update the firmware above


i use fw


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