WizFi360 - WPS issue

Hi guys. I’m fresh to WizFi360. I’m working on project with wifi module. I’m trying to
using WizFi360 but I saw serious bug - after AT+WPS=1 command module don’t
respond anymore. UART1 is dead - no echo, no command response, nothing.
Hard reset or power down don’t restore receiving chars from uart. Upgrade
firmware through UART0 don’t work too. Only after reset module send “ready” info.
Any advice, tip or something?

Edit: After flashing new firmware, module send via UART0:
update header…
reset chip to run user code…
decompress success…

No “ready” info like in documentation


I tested the “AT+WPS” AT command in Station mode and SoftAP + Station mode, but UART1 didn’t dead.

Could you tell me the test information about test environment, log, firmware version, etc?

And UART1 can upgrade firmware too.

Try upgrading firmware with UART1.


Thanks for answer. I flashed module with new firmware through UART1 - no problem.
For communication i used putty-crlf. I have purchased 5 modules. Before WPS i don’t
have any problem with at commands, module respond. I see on console typed chars
(echo is on). After WPS invoking I get info about WPS start, module won’t connect to router
Afters that I don’t see any typed text and module don’t respond
even on AT test command. After flashing firmware no changes. Same result on 3 modules
4th module info after AT+GMR:

AT version 16 2019 16:28:33)
SDK version:3.2.0(a0ffff9f)
compile time:Oct 16 2019 16:28:33


First of all, I tested using version firmware.

  • Firmware Version :
  • Terminal Program : Tera Term
  • AP : ipTIME A304

Could you try after updating the firmware to version

And tell me the test sequence how you tested it.

I will test it too.


I updated firmware and module doesn’t block uart receiving.
New firmware didn’t help with already blocked modules.
Unfortunately WPS don’t work with my old D-Link router.
Thanks for help austin