WizFi Enterprise w/ Arduino


On my local computer on a university network (with Enterprise encryption) I am running a server in which I am trying to access using the WizFi210 w/ Arduino. I have a couple of concerns. I am using the following board:

[url]WiFi Shield V2.2 for Arduino (802.11 b/g/n) -DFRobot

  1. Initially I was using an Arduino Due and I receiving an [ERROR] and I was not able to supply AT commands. I switched over to the Uno and it works just fine. Does the WizFi not like 3V3 logic? I prefer to use the Due.

  2. With the Uno, I am able to communicate with it via serial. It takes a couple of “AT” commands but it works eventually. For example:









However I cannot use the SmartScript ( I am getting Serial Command Error (see attached).

  1. If it isn’t obvious, I am a newbie with networking and such. If there are some resources (other than the datasheet) to help me connect to the university network. I would appreciate it greatly.


  1. Please refer to the following link.
    dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/W … KU:TEL0047
    It is a dfrobot wikipage of your WizFi210 shield.

WizFi210 chip working on 3.3 voltages but the shield working on 5 voltages. Because voltage level down regulator exists in the shield.

Would you test the shield via USB & serial terminal?
The image you attached, “+++AT” command is incorrect. So [ERROR] message was occurred.

In different way, Ignore the error about “+++AT” incorrect command, and try to follow the programer’s guide.
wiznet.co.kr/wp-content/uplo … E-docx.pdf

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