SmartScript Error with WizFi210

Hi, I’m working with a dfrobot wifishield. If Itry to connect with the shield via Arduino IDE console I have no problem to speak with it, but if i try to use Smartscript I get this error

Why instead of only AT+VER does that strange sequence of characters appear?
thank you very much

I think that some improper data caused the [ERROR].
In normal case, there is no [f0] character.
Because of [f0], WizFi250 returned [ERROR].

Please check the UART part or try it again.
BR, Steve

Hi Steve,
thank you for your answer. A little step beyond: if I click once on Start Script button I get the error but if I immediatly click on it twice, wizfi210 responds correctly. The same happens with all the other button except when I enter in At command mode: inside here no module and no networks appear.