I have a problem with the serial communication between WIZ107SR module and arduino due board.
I use the serial port one TX1/RX1 of arduino and communicate with the wiz module by serial command format as string data.

I do not undestand how to init the communication. It is enough to set one of trigger (HW or SW) and than send a command, for example MC (MAC Address)?
In the same way, HW or SW trigger, I received the same HEX data with all command.

Is there a library for WIZ107SR communication in c?



refer to below link.
It is user’s manual.
wiznet.co.kr/wp-content/uplo … _V171E.pdf

And I simply explain for you.

as you well know, there is WIZ107SR H/W, S/W trigger.

S/W Trigger is setting the configuration.

Configuration trigger mode setting is HEX. and you sending command mode access code is ASCII code.

ex) configuration setting 2B,2B,2B. And serial sending command ASCII code +++.

And ! you must matching message form. ex) you must sending " MC$0d$0a " message
It is contain user’s manual.

Thank you.