WIZ 105-SR Sending Command


I am currently testing the 105-SR module for sending a GET Request to a Server over TCP.

My current problem is, that I am only able to send out the serial received string, when I enter the Serial Configuration Mode over “+++”.

Is there an other way to send out the recevied string? Like a command?

When I looked in the datasheet I tried out the Delimiter Conditions, but no success…

Any suggestions or help?




I can hardly understand your situation.
I’d like to clarify what you faced.

You can send data from serial part in serial command mode but can’t do it in data mode, right?

If so, there is something strange or mysterious.
In fact, most of our serial to ethernet module including WIZ105SR can’t communicate to a peer system in serial command mode but those can do it only in data mode.
You said you could do it inversely.

Could you write your system environment and test scenario in detail as a reply?
I may be able to analyse what happened.

Thank you.