WIZ107SR interface

we are considering using the WIZ107SR.
I saw the example code yet didn’t find UART full command for opening port & socket with server.
How can that be obtained using “3.2 Serial Command List” from the manual [ [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/wiznethome/S2E%20Module/WIZ107_108SR/Document/WIZ107SR_UM_V171E.pdf[/url]]


It is Command mode.

there is H/W Trigger and S/W Trigger in to WIZ107SR.

H/W Trigger is ‘Hardware Trigger’ Switch on to interface module. It is access command mode.

S/W Trigger is possible to setting to config tool.

If access command mode, using 3.1Serial command format & 3.2 Serial command list.

refer to 25page Serial terminal picture.

And, H/W Trigger is refer to 1.3.3 & 4.4 title.

Thank you

Thank you.

I would like to verify that I have understood correctly for new WIZ107SR in client mode connected to tcp server in port 55555
We should do :
[ul]1 - connect WIZ107SR to network with DHCP
2 - open the the Configuration Tool and detect the module (search)
3 - configure the network parameters
4 - [ in configuration tool, click on the detected module and check version, if needed update firmware to latest (v4.05) if not continue ]
5 - configure the uart baoud rate etc’
6 - configure inactivity timer for 1 sec
7 - configure reconnection interval to 500 mSec
8 - clicking on Setting button to apply all changes

Following those steps will enable any data send on uart will be sent to server after module will connect to server.

Did I missed something?