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I connect wizfi to putty and I can send AT commands such as “at” “at+uset” the MODE LED is off on the module.
I canot send “at+sdata” in order to return to data mode I receive “error mode status” which If I understand right means that I already am in data mode?
If so how do I go to command mode?

pasted from the guide

How do I send the ‘+++’ ? With putty? with MCU? and what would be the format? As string value? ascii?

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I suppose, it seems to operate as “data mode”.
Just push ‘+’ in putty or transmit “+++” to wizfi250 from MCU as string value.

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I try to enter to Air command mode, I have a few questions

  1. In which mode the module has to be into? AP? Station? Client or server?

  2. How to I set the module in the Air command mode the first time? Should I send through Putty the command AT+MAIRCMD or through my phone?
    I am confused because in the programmers guide it is mentioned the following command : AT+MAIRCMD=,,, *** where and how should I use this command?

  3. what about this command? AT+WSET=1,WizFi250_AIRCMD where do I use it? putty or phone?

  • also important thing for the programmers guide it is said that the command is case sensitive but at one point it is written as this : [quote]The AT command consists of following parts: Command header (WizFi250AirCmd:), AT command (for example: AT) and Carriage Return (\r).[/quote]

but afterwards it is written as follows : [quote]AT+WSET=1,WizFi250_AIRCMD[/quote]

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I have managed to send AT commands through my phone!!! :slight_smile:

As I understand the following commands I will send them through putty in order to initialize the command mode?

[Link-Up Event]
IP Addr :
Gateway :


and then send the commands "WizFi250AirCmd:AT+MINFO\r " through phone?

ALSO this is importand , while wizfi is in AP mode and powered via usb cable when I disconnect the USB cable and connect it again the module does not transmit wifi, wifi LED is off!
Is there a way to automatically broadcast the wifi in order for the phone to connect automatically?


If you want to use “aircmd mode”, you need to smartphone app for TCP connection.
We offer to smartphone app for sample, so you can use for test.
This is an application and source code for Android.
→ App : [url][/url]
→ Source Code : [url][/url]

If you use iphone, you should produce app for iphone.

And the following is explanation for using app.
It is basically configured to WizFi310, but WizFi250 also operates well.
We will fix it later, so please refer to the information in WizFi310 first.

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Hello cliff

Thanks for the reply.
I have managed to enter Air command mode! Thank you.

  1. It is mentioned in the wizfi 310 guide that a <Carriage Return, 0x1d> must follow the AT command. Should it be 0x0d instead of 0x1d?
    As far as I know the 0x1d is the “group separator” .

  2. Is there a way to enter Air command mode or other mode to issue At commands BUT when the wizfi250 be in a station mode?
    I need to connect the module to my house wifi modem and then issue the commands; this way IF possible to be able to issue commands even when I am away from home. Is that possible?

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First, I am glad to be of help to you.

  1. oh…You are right! We did a mistake.
    Thank you for pointing out. I should fix it right now.

  2. Do you issue the command for something to control?
    If so, you can.
    There are so many examples, so it should better to have a look.

Thanks, best regards.