WizFi310 Client and Server Status


I have been using Wiznet WIZ-105 SR very successfully for a long time .
Now I am evaluating the WizFi310 and have the following issue.

Station Mode…OK
Start a Client connection to server…OK
Start a second client connection to server…OK
Start a server on Port 5000…OK
Client joins server…OK
Client 2 joins server…OK

Now if I check for socket status using AT+ SGMT=?
I get TCN for 1st 2 cient sockets…OK
TSN for server…OK
But get TCN for 2 clients connected to server ?
How do I know which sockets belong to server ?

Please find a screenshot attached.



I don’t understand your question.
And not attached screenshot.

Please let me know to me detailed symptom and attach the screenshot.

Thanks, regards.

With reference to the attached image:-

When sending AT+SGMT=?
The reply shows the status of 5 sockets.

Sockets 0 & 1 pertain to the client and their type is shown as TCN
Socket 2 shows as a server and its state shows as TSN
Sockets 3 & 4 are the server connections but their state shows as TCN.

With 2 devices connected to the server the server consumes 3 sockets and shows 1 state as TSN and 2 others as TCN .

How is the user to ascertain the socket state with this command if its hows TCN in both server and client instances ?