MAC Address Assignment

  1. W5500 doesn’t come up with embedded MAC address. So what it the procedure to get MAC address for the chip that I purchase.
  2. Is there any support from Wiznet wrt getting MAC address for the chips that we will be purchasing?

Ronak Bhalani

Most probably because W5500 is a chip, and not complete network interface card.

If you need unique identifier so that no one another network card in the world is having the same MAC address you go here: But you can assign any MAC address to your card given that there’s no another card with the same MAC address in the local network.


Alternatively, one could add an EEPROM chip like Microchip’s 25AA02E48 to your design. This would provide a globally unique mac address to your uC. Just tack it on to your SPI bus, and you’re done. Bonus EEPROM too.



We are using Microchip’s RTC which also provides factory programmed MAC address.